I had a long and hard way to be 40 years old woman. I changed country three times. I changed language three times and I tried to answer the question who am I since I stepped over border between Hungary and Austria on my way to Sweden in 1996. My backpack is heavy and sad, but I have always known that I’m going to be all right. I just have to go and forget. Even if everything is shaking around me. So I closed all the doors behind me and started a new life in Sweden. This journey took 20 years of my life and gave me my titles a “supporing wife”, a “try to be best mom”, a “save all the children in the world teacher” in the shape of an immigrant.

I think every human have a mission. I felt for a long time that my mission is to educate. Because I am damn good at it. When I became a teacher in kindergarten I felt a clear call to it, and I was in a flow. But when my children come to me, my world changed and my doors that I desperately want to keep closed opened. One by one. And I was lost. Now. I still stand and I still move but I want it to do with all of myself. For real. And when I am ready I want to show other women and children that they can do it too.

Since 2016 me and my family live in Brooklyn, New York. My possibilities to heal myself changed and I become a yoga teacher and writer. I have the tools and I know that you want them.