“Dear Ms. Edit! We are thrilled that you were able to be part of class this school year. Your kindness really spread in our classroom. Your time is much appreciated.” Teacher, PS9


Dear Grown Ups!

My name is Edit Szabó and I am very happy that you have found me.

Let’s be honest, I had a long and hard way to be the person I am today. I changed country three times. I changed language three times and I have tried to answer the question who I am since I crossed the border between Hungary and Austria on my way to Sweden in 1996. My journey in Sweden took 20 years of my life and gave me the titles a “supporing wife”, a “try to be best mom”, a “save all the children in the world teacher” - all in the shape of an immigrant. I also earned the degrees “preschool teacher” and “elementary school teacher”.

I think every human has a mission, and I felt for a long time that my mission was to educate. I was born to be a teacher. I love what I do and I am actually darn good at it. When I teach, I feel the flow and connectedness to my higher self, even those days when I am tired.

Since 2016 me and my family live in Brooklyn, New York. My possibilities to work changed but it didn’t stop me from teaching and learning. I became a yoga and mindfulness teacher, and a volunteer at PS9 three years ago. Maybe you are one of those who get regular massages at home from your child. It was me that taught them….If you don’t, maybe soon it is your turn!

I also had the opportunity to get an understanding for how people heal and how I heal. I wrote my journey in my book Yoga for Trauma and I also made an Online course around this topic, which is free for anyone to watch.

This mission of mine continues, and today I also learn and practice Polarity Therapy. I feel that today I have tools both for the children and for their parents to become better versions of themselves.

Don’t hesitate - if you have any questions, contact me!

“Dear Ms Edit! For the past two years you have helped us to be mindful and employ techniques to have more inner peace. Love always and greatly appreciative.” Teacher,PS9