Sweden and me

Sweden and me

Sweden. The country where I lived for more than two decades. The country that gave me my beloved husband, my children and my education. But do I say that I am Swedish? Or am I Hungarian? This question became very important for me during my first years in Sweden, but honestly - now as I have moved to a third country it doesn’t matter any more. But I also find something greater than my own ethnicity. And that is also my topic for this blog post.

During our years on Earth we are told who we should be, what is good and bad for us and how we can educate ourselves to be good and strong members of society. Some of these things are relevant, but some things just become obstacles to our happiness.

Those thoughts about ourselves also become our belief system which we build our life on. We think and believe that we can not sing, that we can not dance, that we are ugly or that we are extremely pretty. We understood that it is better to be an engineer than a musician, a doctor instead of actress and a lawyer instead of world blogger. And we believe it. Some of us believe it to the end of our life without changing it. And instead of changing the pain we get habits to kill our feelings. With drinking, smoking or training in an extreme way.  We are suffering in our jobs and hate what we are doing and we go home and do what we love as our hobby after more than eight hours at our job. What if, you can change this? And work with what we love?

This belief pattern is also seen on our yoga mat. We buy extremely expensive mats, clothing, water bottles and so on, but we forget why we are on our mat in the first place. We do fancy pictures that we upload on the internet to get more likes but we suffer on the inside and can not sit more than two minutes in meditation. We often not se what we are doing on OUR mat, and how it is feel in OUR body and we compare ourselves with others in the same class. We want to do a King Pigeon but our body right now is in a Child’s pose for rest and rebuild. Do a revolution against your patterns and lead yourself to something higher and more sustainable! Listen to yourself in a silence without your mind and your ego. Some things are more important to understand without our intellect. In silence.

To do that you need stamina and devotion to something bigger than yourself. You need to sit quiet, in the same time and in the same place, if you can, and a you need a pathway to come to your inner self. In Ishta I learned a Kryia- practice that I am going to show you on my next video. This is super simple and super effective and it gives you a very good start. Down below I write it down so you can try it:

A practice before a seated meditation

·      Cat and cow X5 …you say Sa with your inhale and Ham with your exhale. This is helping you to take away the thoughts from your mind

·      Cow to child’s pose X5, with Sa and Ham, stay in child’s pose for a few breaths

·      Inhale Seal, exhale child’s pose, inhale mini cobra, exhale child’s pose X5

·      Inversion of your choice…( downdog, head stand prep, headstand) five breath’s with Sa-Ham…come down slowly and feel your first inhale!

·      Mermaid pose with side stretch to right side, change to the other side

·      Seated Tadasana, five breaths

·      Twist to right and then the the left side

·      Nadi shodhana breath X5 to each nostril 

·      Meditation 3-18 minutes

·      Re-grounding and Savasana


Play and enjoy. 

My first stop starts in my own yoga studio…ISHTA

My first stop starts in my own yoga studio…ISHTA

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