5 yoga props that are good to have

5 yoga props that are good to have

Yoga props

There are so many different props and accessories you can find on the yoga market so sometimes you may wonder, do I really need all of them? Do I really need to by yoga socks, yoga towel, fancy waterbottle? Do I really need 125$ yogapants? I will try to give you some tips how I am thinking about this. What is it I need to have a wonderful experience. Because at the end of the day it is not my fancy pants and my rainbow colored unicorn mat that give me my yoga experience. But some of the things are really useful. Here we go.

Yoga mat

My hands sweat all the time so I use a Manduka mat because that's the best I have found for for this purpose. There are tons of different kinds of mats on the market and honestly, it is quite personal what you prefer. I actually went to a store and tried different ones. I put them on the floor and did a downward facing dog. I want to make sure I don't glide, it has a calming color without any disturbing shades and it doesn't weigh so much. Don't forget, if your studio doesn't have storage for you, you have to carry it all the time. And I prefer a bag for my mat since it  keeps it clean, and the pockets can be used for a metro card. 


Why blocks? Because the Earth is sometimes too far away! If you can not reach down to the floor, take the floor closer to your hands. I always use blocks! I am not a gymnast so I need all the props I can get to make my ride easier on the mat. Pick two blocks, to each hand. Put it in front of your mat so it is always close to you. Your body is your temple and bending and overstretching it doesn't give you a better ground. Be nice to your self. 


Really? Why do you need bolster? It is the fun part of yoga. Personally I love to use bolster, and at home I use what my home can offer - pillows. But bolsters are different because they are made for yoga purposes. You can find different ways to use your bolster on Pinterest (see the learn more bottom) Try it, this is fun and extremely nice and comfy. 

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You can use any blankets, but, some of them - like you see in the picture - are doing the job better than the cozy nice blankets you are using at home. They are harder and keeping the form and the shape better. I have to go back to Pinterest or Youtube. There are a lot of very good videos about how you can use them. They can also be a nice piece of art on your sofa. 


This is  another amazing yoga prop. If you don't have that at home, you can always use your belt or a towel. I often use strap on my mat under my hands for a better grip, and I always have another one handy to use it with shoulder exercises because my shoulders are pretty tight and to extend my arms to my feet's in forward bend. (I think my arms are to short...;D) Here is a good site to check out how strap can be useful for your practise, yogabycandace

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