Five tips about how you can meditate

Five tips about how you can meditate

So, if you don’t have time to do that... a place like this..



because what you have is this.... 

You can still meditate....


·      On a subway….Seated or standing. It doesn’t even matter. And you can enjoy as long as your ride is....

·      On a bench in a park during lunchtime or in your office. 5 minutes.

·      When your children are watching Ipad or playing with something. 5 minutes, here I come!

·      When you walk to to school to pick them up. 10 minutes because maybe you want to buy a coffee...

·      In your bed before you go to sleep. Yes, you can do it, without passing out!



1. When you can close your eyes

  • Close your eyes and visualise a light traveling with your breath from the top of your head to the bottom of your sacrum along a line at the centre of your body. Think about it like an elevator. 

  • Inhale and send the light down, exhale and send the light up. 

  • Don't forget, it is your breath which leads the light!

Here is an App One Giant Mind that I used when I need a help on the way. Thank you Jonni Pollard! You are still in my phone! 

2. When you walk

In this exercise you inhale, hold your breath, and exhale, all the same length.

It looks like this:

Inhale for 4 steps

Retain the breath for 4 steps

Exhale slowly for 4 steps

Retain empty for 4 steps

If you feel unconfartable with holding your breath for so long you can do 3,3,3,3. Or 5,5,5,5 if you want to do it longer. it is up to you and your breath. 



Svadhyaya at the playground

Svadhyaya at the playground

Yoga when you have anxiety..

Yoga when you have anxiety..